Mason in the Snow 2014
We got some snow! A rare event in this part of the country, I assure you!

Because the precipitation started as sleet and then a couple inches of snow fell on top, the roads were dangerous for a couple days. Jon and Mason were out of school for three days. We threw snow balls, made a snow fort, and drank hot chocolate. Fun!

We enjoyed watching the birds at our feeder and on the ground too. Lots of cardinals stopped by to visit.

This is Daisy’s idea of a snow day. Zzzzz.

The snow is almost gone now, but we enjoyed it while it lasted!

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LinneaFebruary 8, 2014 - 8:48 am

Nice blog!
Found my way here when I was looking for instructions on getting my instagram photos on my blog, so I followed your example and I’m very pleased! :-)
Have a nice day!
/Linnea, Sweden.

JulieFebruary 22, 2014 - 2:41 pm

Thanks for stopping by, Linnea!

What a Zoo!

Watch out, Asheboro Zoo! Here come the third graders!

Zoo Field Trip 2013
Jon and I had the opportunity to go with Mason’s class on their field trip to the Asheboro Zoo last week. We were in charge of this little group, and we had such a great time together!

I brought my camera along (of course!) and captured a few photos. Here are a few favorites:

Zoo Field Trip
This totem pole was covered with beautiful carvings of animals and plants. Truly spectacular!

Asheboro Zoo Sculptures
Well hello, Mr. Elephant!

Zoo Field Trip
Mason stamped a penny with a zoo design. He has collected stamped pennies from all sorts of locations across the United States.

Asheboro Zoo Rhinoceros
Rhinoceros Sculpture
This is one of my favorite photos of the day. I just love the reflection in the water!

Elephant Reflection
Bee Sculpture
After all the walking and keeping up with more kids than we’re used to, I thought this lioness had a pretty good idea:

Lioness Nap
Nap time!

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