A Somewhat Toothless Grin

Like Pulling Teeth
“Mommy, when will I lose a tooth?”

This has been Mason’s frequent question for almost a year now. Several of his church and school buddies have lost teeth, and I suppose losing a tooth is a rite of passage for a six-year-old.

Much to Mason’s excitement, he realized that not one, but two teeth were loose earlier this summer. He wiggled and jiggled and even thought about using the twine in the photo above to pull out the teeth (an idea which I quickly vetoed), all to no avail.

It took our recent trip to Spokane, Washington to get rid of those two teeth.

Before Tooth Extraction Exam
The process began when Mason decided to show his loose teeth to Uncle Bob Achterberg, an oral pathologist (how convenient!). Uncle Bob declared that yes indeed, both of those teeth were ready to come out!

Pre- and Post-Extraction
They headed to the garage for the extraction, where Uncle Bob pretended that he was going to need some special tools to remove the teeth. Mason bravely went along with it, and in the end, the only “tool” needed was a little bit of Kleenex to grab the teeth.

New Teeth Poking ThroughNow we’re having fun watching the two new teeth appear. Who knew that teeth could be so entertaining?

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BillJuly 22, 2011 - 6:39 am

Nice story about the teeth. Neat. Glad you all are back home safe!
Thanks for “The Lone Sailor” correction and for taking the shot! See ya soon..

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