10 PicMonkey Photo Effects that I Love

Looking for an easy way to add some zing to your photos? PicMonkey to the rescue! Read on to learn more about the PicMonkey photo effects that I love!

PicMonkey photo effects
As you learned in last week’s tutorial about adding text to photos, I am a big fan of the online photo editor PicMonkey.

While PicMonkey is fantastic for adding text, editing exposure, adjusting sharpness, cropping or re-sizing photos, etc., I’ve recently discovered the Photo Effects that the site offers — and now I’m addicted! Somebody stop me! :)

Sometimes, I prefer to share a photo the way I saw it through the camera lens — not altered, darkened, or slightly out of focus.

On occasion, though, I like to add a little zing to a photo, especially if the effect enhances the photo or makes it more vivid.

All you need to do is open a photo in PicMonkey and click the magic wand icon on the left side to access the photo effects. You’ll notice 8 categories of effects, with several options under each one (click the little arrow button to toggle the options on and off).

Next, experiment, experiment, experiment! Try one effect, or try them all! You’ll probably end up picking some favorites, but don’t be afraid to try all of them! You never know which effect will look best on your photo!

Without further ado, here are my 10 favorite PicMonkey photo effects.

Tried and True category
1. Intrepid* (darkens the edges, but you can fade the effect as needed)
2. Urbane* (very similar to Intrepid, but adds a brown hue)

Basic category
3. Boost (creates a vivid look, but you can remove the boost on certain areas, if desired)
4. Frost (lightens the edges of the photo)

Camera Look category
5. Lomo (darkens and blurs the edges)
6. Film Stock* (I like the Velvia option – very vivid!)

Paintbox category
7. Tint (choose any color – fun!)
8. Burst* (intensifies colors already in the photo, but you can “brush away” the effect in areas that you choose)
9. Warhol (two colors pair up to create a vivid effect — choose your own colors!)

Area category
10. Focal Zoom (focus on a particular area of the photo – adjust the size of the focus area as needed)

PicMonkey Royale Effects* Notice the crown icon on some of the effects? Those are called Royale Effects, and they are available only with PicMonkey’s paid membership ($4.99 per month).

If you’re trying to edit photos quickly, you might just want to adjust for exposure, crop, etc. But for those photos that mean something special, try a photo effect — it might just enhance your photo!

And now for you visual learners (like me), I’ve applied a few of my favorite PicMonkey photo effects to my toad image below:

PicMonkey Photo Effects

Have you ever tried PicMonkey’s photo effects? If not, try one right now and let us know which one you really like!

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