A Big Birthday for Daisy Dog

Someone in our family celebrated a birthday today. A big birthday. A tenth birthday, to be exact. On October 10, Daisy was 10. (ten, ten, ten)

Daisy 10 Birthday
We adopted Daisy from the Winston-Salem animal shelter when she was just 8 weeks old, so we backtracked from that date to determine her “birthday.”

Daisy Birthday
Daisy is in so many of the family photos we’ve captured over the years. I didn’t realize just how many until I went looking for a few to share in this post. I found more than I could possibly share here.

Daisy Birthday
Daisy Birthday
Daisy has been our companion, a source of laughter for us, and our friend.

Daisy Birthday
Happy birthday, Daisy. We love you.

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First Day of Third Grade

Third Grade First Day
Third grade has begun! After a great summer filled with lots of adventures and staying up late, we’re back in the school routine now.

Looking forward to a great year with great friends and a great teacher, Mrs. Gurley. You’d never know it from the photo above, but Mrs. Gurley has been teaching school for almost 50 years!

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P.S. Here’s a look back at Mason’s other first day of school photos:
First Day of Second Grade
First Day of First Grade